5 Best Golf Shoes 2016

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Golf shoes in the game is one of the main factors to feel rileksnya Golf. Produce a satisfactory blow for his players. Shoes are a type of footwear (footwear) that typically comprises portions of soles, right, hood, laces and tongue. Usually made of canvas or leather that covers all parts from the fingers, instep to the heel. The following would you recommend 5 Best Golf Shoes 2016 that you can use while playing golf :

Adidas golf shoes Adicross V offer in the form of sneakers style of the 70.

Spike golf shoes without comes with leather and suede. But still, Adidas Adicross V is waterproof. So you do not have to worry about rain and morning dew. Although these golf shoes without spikes, Adidas Adicross V is able to tread the soil well. Therefore, there are 72 lugs friendly grass embedded in a poultice part of this golf shoe.

Occasionally appear neatly on the golf course with golf shoes canoos Tour 2.0

Canoos Tour 2.0 has a look like traditional boat shoes, with extra padding to make your stay comfortable feet, and seven cleats that is not slippery on the grass golf course. This golf shoes have a classic look because sewn leather shoes by hand. Interestingly, though seemingly simple, the manufacture of golf shoes takes up to three years.

Get the impression of old-school style sneakers from Ecco golf shoes Speed Hybrid

Part of this golf shoe terbuak poultice of thermoplastic urethane. The material makes Ecco Speed Hybrid is able to grip the ground well. Meanwhile, the midsole Ecco Speed Hybrid injected polyurethane. The material makes this golf shoe so it’s soft, flexible and durable. The top of this golf shoe technology HydroMax. It is a technology which is embedded in the outer layer of the shoe to be water resistant.

Footjoy Versaluxe, golf shoes versatile, safe and comfortable

Golf shoe is made of premium leather famous, Pittards. The same material as that used to make gloves Footjoy for decades. Footjoy Versaluxe also flexible, soft and waterproof. Paga heel, this golf shoe using suede. The goal is to keep your feet do not slip.

Classic style and luxury with golf shoes Royal Albatross Club Royale

Royal Albartross Club Royale is also one of golf shoes without spikes. But, it is definitely part poultice golf shoes dilengkap by lugs. Although the model looks stiff, Royal Albartross Club Royale has a flexible poultice. Vibram technology in this golf shoe can make moves like without shoes.

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