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A popular choice among players is the golf carry bag. These bags have two shoulder straps to help distribute the weight of your clubs in a way that’s most comfortable and will help you get around the whole golf course and still have energy left at the end of a round!

Most golf carry bags are lightweight in construction and can weigh as little. Carry bags are more than big enough for a full set of golf clubs, golf balls and a plethora of other accessories. Tripod legs that spring out from the side when you put the bag down to play your next shot make sure you don’t have to get the bag dirty or bend down too far to get on your way again.

Golf bag option does not have a direct impact on the game, everything is back on the tastes and needs of each individual. Seeing this condition, the golf bag comes in various sizes and models with different functions, most of the golf bag is designed specifically to fit the needs of the market. You can choose from a bag super light (ultra-lightweight), light weight (lightweight) to stand bag for pedestrians; there are also bags trolley (cart / tour bag) for golfers who prefer driving a golf cart.

Ideally, the golf bag must be sturdy and lightweight so cumbersome to carry around the field with the contour of the land is different. In addition, the golf bag should also be able to load all your golf equipment as well as the size according to your car trunk capacity.

This bag is the most common models are widely known by golfers. The model is very simple with a diameter of 6 to 8.5 inches, making it very easy to carry when you drive around the field golf.Untuk today almost all of the carry bag is equipped with a double strap that is very useful to divide the balance of the golfer’s shoulder.

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