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Golf is an outdoor game played by individuals or teams compete to put the ball into the holes that exist in the field with the fewest possible number of strokes.  Apparel is essential in golf , several golf apparels that can support your game on the golf course :

  • Hats will be very helpful loe to avoid the glare of sunlight. in addition, the cap could also be a place to store the marker and tee. Hat is one of the powerful media campaigns for various brands / products are ‘entrusted’ to the golfer.
  • There is no specific difference between the base material and clothing golf shirt / jersey other sports at this time. Eg type of Adidas ClimaCool applied to apparel in various sports as well. So yes actually, simply use your favorite team soccer jersey was comfortable kok loe to act on the golf course. But yes, back to the point I said before, golf is all about respect.
  • You can not make the good hits continuously without a clove! In addition to engineering hand grip, golf cloves take on an important role for the success of the blows loe. Golf cloves ensure the hand position on the grip fixed ‘biting’. Golf cloves are quite used in the left hand. It is complicated for the lefthander to get the golf cloves.
  • Golf Shoes are the most high-price apparel. shape and general design of golf shoes is not much different from regular shoes, sport shoes or loafers either. The most fundamental thing that distinguishes golf shoes with ordinary sports shoes is his sole design, specifically to give traction to the golfer. Generally sole on using models spike golf shoes, where the rich spike shaped propeller damage when it will arrive and are sold spare parts replacement.
  • Golf Pants. What distinguishes ordinary golf pants with pants is material, where the majority of synthetic materials and cold storage features available tee times. Moreover, it is coraknya that the difference, which is the most popular bemotif boxes. But, currently trendy is plain motif with pastel colors.


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