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Golf like most sports is a game of precision and accuracy. In order to score a hole in one you need full concentration and physical and mental strength. Additionally you need to match your skills and experience with your golfing accessories and equipment, especially golf balls.  For non-golf lovers the golf ball is the same as other golf balls. The only major difference such people may see between one ball from another is the manufacturer or brand name. In the eyes of a lover golfer but the golf balls differ in more ways than one.

Golf Balls is an important element in playing golf. If you do not carry a golf ball, you automatically can not play golf. These golf balls are usually sold separately from the golf clubs. There are different balls are available for different types of golfers low compression balls are generally suitable for the novice golfer and while the high compression offers the best results for the pro tour.

Compression golf ball determines the core reaction you get when hitting the ball. The low compression less explosive reaction the higher the compression the more the ball will zoom tee off. What is known as a soft ball or low compression somewhere in the range between and units. This ball will not have such high compression distance will give you. Low compression ball that is really great for the control and ideal for short game pictures like wedges and high irons.

Medium compression balls at the range – compression lug distance of more than – their peers compression but still has a soft feel on contact and offers greater control.

And finally we get to the high compression like this ball is for maximum speed and distance. These balls are not easily managed by the average golfer as it has explosive tendencies. This ball will give you the distance to bring the fairway at the par or nominal length is relatively short but will be more temperamental when it comes to keep it in play.

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