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Golf is an outdoor game played by individuals or teams compete to put the ball into the holes that exist in the field with the fewest possible number of strokes. The golf ball was hit using a set of bat called clubs (golf clubs). Playing golf is not just a matter of technique game, but the comfort in playing the game of golf really affect us in the field. Golf shirt became one of golf equipment, golf choose clothes that can make us comfortable in playing becomes one of the things that also should be in, pay attention.

The popularity of golf clothing apparel Polo shirt or collared shirt that is already unquestionable how comfort and practicality. Almost all men in the world are happy to use this type of casual style.

The game of golf is not just a matter of technique. players can still look stylish as they are free to decide what clothes used on the golf course. Apparel is a matter of convenience. However, how the right fashion wear on the golf course? one company namely svingolf golf shirt golf shirt with technology providing breathable, anti-microbial and UV Protection that keep your body cool even in the sweat during exercise. Polo shirt is designed with trendy pointed collar, 3 button fastening, triangle pattern on the front, as well as Svingolf logo on the sleeve, not only that it also often gives svingolf batik patterns on their products, this gives the impression of Indonesian culture on every product svingolf.

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