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The grip of the club is attached to the opposite end of the shaft from the club head, and is the part of the club the player holds on to while swinging. Originally, the grip was composed of one or more leather strips wrapped around the shaft. The leather outer wrap on a grip is still seen on some clubs, most commonly putters, but most modern grips are a one-piece “sleeve” made of rubber, synthetic or composite material that is slid over the shaft and secured with an adhesive. These sleeve grips allow club makers and golfers to customize the grip’s diameter, consistency (softness/firmness) and texturing pattern to best fit the player. Clubs with an outer “wrap” of leather or leather-like synthetic still typically have a “sleeve” form underneath to add diameter to the grip and give it its basic profile.

One of the first lessons of golf is to know how the technique grip in holding a club (stick). In this case we are discussing how to hold a neutral grip and releks, note carefully:

  1. put your grip on your left hand crossed over from the base of the grip is in the palm of your left lower part of the shaft and tilt up to two of your index finger. And a clasp with a soft, not hard and not weak. Remember your grasp pedestal in the center of the ring finger and middle finger. Do not forget your grip by your left hand straight to the V-shaped club head (head stick)
  2. Furthermore, the right hand grasping ranging from below the little finger premises located between the middle finger and index finger left hand teak. And gently clasp and create Shaft (stick rods) between the right thumb and right index atah head straight to the club and menbentuk V. Remember do not be afraid of your club when you swing thrown, the handle that either will not be loud and not too weak.
  3. after a series of how to hold the grip is done, you are ready to learn step selamjutnya swing (swing) stick properly and well.

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