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Golf is an outdoor game played by individuals or teams compete to put the ball into the holes that exist in the field with the fewest possible number of strokes. Since it was found in Scotland in the 1600s, golf is not only known as a mere sport. But also as part of the lifestyle of royalty. It’s no wonder, because this one sport does have many advantages.

One of the most important is, golf does not have a rule that is very basic to the design of the game field. It makes a lot of golf courses and beautiful attractive design. All of them were able to invite admiration, one of which is the Dragon Lake Golf Course Guangzhou, China.

Dragon Lake Golf Course, which is located in Guangzhou, China, could be a major reference for those who want to feel the sensation of ancient cities of Europe but do not want to fly away. Located in the altitude make it have a distinctive fresh air of the mountains, this course designed by Dick Davidson with style Parkland.
Courses 27 holes is often used as a venue for official tournaments. One of them is the Royal Trophy team that brings the golfers Asia against Europe.

Because the location is up and down, it’s no wonder the challenge of playing on this pitch was very heavy but exciting. One challenge is to maintain the focus of the eyes as he looked. Because on several of the holes, with the “cruel” is able to deceive the direction of hitting the ball players.

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