Professional golfers throughout the season

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Golf has become a game that is known throughout the world and also in Indonesia. Games that require high concentration, perfect pose, extensive knowledge and high skill makes this game is not easy to learn and play. But not a few who are masters at this game, especially the professional golf players.
Some of them even won a lot of championships and a lot better than its competitors.

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is the best golfer of all time according beberpa sources. Tiger Woods has won 14 trophies majors. Although many people say that Woods will not beat Nicklaus before winning more majors.

Jack Nicklaus

Maybe Jack Nicklaus tida se-dominating like Tiger Woods at the time. But what makes it legendary is consistency while he competed. Nicklaus has won 18 trophies majors and finished second in the 19 trophies majors.

Ben Hogan

Ben Hogan can still win a trophy nine majors in 62 victories on the PGA tours. If it does not happen a serious car accident that interfere with his career, Hogan probably will be in the number one.

Bobby Jones

At the time Bobby Jones playing golf, there are four trophies majors and Bobby Jones won the fourth trophy 13 times and has won all four at once in 1930 and retired at the age of 28 years. Many felt that Bobby Jones is the best of all time.

Arnold Palmer

Arnold Palmer has won 62 PGA tours, and 7 of them are trophies majors. Legendary players born in Pennsylvania is considered as one of the best putters of all time. How to play the unique entertaining people who like golf.

Sam Snead

Until now or until Tiger Woods passed him, Sam Snead holds the record for winning the PGA tours most wins with 82 victories, which included seven wins trophies majors. The first victory achieved in 1936 and the last padatahun 1965.

Tom Watson

Watson is a golfer “links” best ever by winning the British Open five times. But that does not mean he played ugly in other tournamen. He never passed Jack Nicklaus in the 70s. Tom Watson won 39 PGA tours including 8 trophies majors.

Bryan Nelson

Professional golf player this one has nicks excellent figure is 52 victories including five trophies majors.

Phil Mickelson

Phil Mickelson, golfers from the USA, who have won 42 trophies PGA tours so far. This San Diego-born golfer has won 3 of 4 trophies majors after winning the 2013 British Open. He has won five trophies majors so far include three master titles, PGA championship and also the Open championship.

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