Quaker Ridge

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Quaker Ridge Golf Club is a private golf club in Scarsdale, New York that contains the Quaker Ridge Golf Course. Additionally, club grounds encompass numerous tennis courts, a swimming pool, a clubhouse and many other structures along the property. The club was formed in 1916 by a group of businessmen who had acquired the land a year earlier from a smaller, financially strained club. Renowned golf course designer A. W. Tillinghast was brought in to redesign the seven existing holes and construct 11 new ones. It was late October of 1776, in the early stages of the Revolutionary War. Sir William Howe, Commander-in-Chief of the British armies, marched his troops up Weaver Street on his way to White Plains. Howe and his troops camped for the night on land owned by Quakers, resting for battle the next day.

As lore has it, a mile and a half away, through the woods, George Washington slumbered (near his beleaguered Continental troops) under a great oak – the same oak that grows to the right of Quaker Ridge’s 10th hole. The next morning, October 28th, Washington marched to Chatterton Hill in nearby White Plains, where he met Howe in battle. The British outnumbered the Colonials, and Howe emerged bloodied but victorious. However, he hesitated to pursue them, and Washington escaped across the Hudson into New Jersey. Howe had squandered a chance to quash the young rebellion.That was the first international encounter to involve Quaker Ridge. More than 200 years later, Great Britain, this time with the help of the Irish, returned to the area to again battle the Continentals, now known as Americans, in a much friendlier encounter – the 75th Walker Cup.

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