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Shoreacres is as original a Seth Raynor design as exists.Green KeeperTim Davis has been at Shoreacres for over twenty years and knows his course as well as any Green Keeper in the country.Working in collaboration with Tom Doak’s Renaissance Design Firm, they havethoughtfully restoredevery Raynor feature possibleto its original state.Over time, the greens have been returnedto their initial size, in some cases increasing the green size by more than one third. A direct consequence of such a restoration is that many of the most interesting hole locations are brought back into play along the outer parts of the greens.

Though Raynor in general produced broad greens, getting at hole locations in their far reaches is a study in shot making. For instance take the fifth green. A front left location is diabolical as anything in the middle of the green leaves a putt sloping fiercely downhill and off the green. The golfer may be better off to miss the green left with a draw and have a straightforward chip shot into the green slope. Conversely, a back right hole located a top one of the plateaus requires a running cut shot to scamper all the way back.


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