Tips Dress right on the golf course

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Golf is an outdoor game played by individuals or teams compete to put the ball into the holes that exist in the field with the fewest possible number of strokes. The golf ball was hit using a set of bat called clubs (golf clubs). Need to remember that if you are in the arena of golf field still requires us to wear a collared shirt or Polo Shirt, in the rules of golf to dress typically utilize short sleeves make sure the elbow is still able to appear. some tips to dress right on the golf course that you can apply :

  • T-Shirt

Do not occasionally use the T-shirts without collars. Correct rule is to use a Polo Shirt. This dress will look neat and classy casual at the same time, according to the sport of golf itself. Choose a bright color clothes that can resist sunlight and avoid wearing dark colored clothes.

  • Shoes

This sport requires a special shoe which is different from most sports shoes. How to distinguish them is very easy. In addition to a rather thick-soled and have a soft cushion, this shoe design has a rather formal, Even slightly oval ends, follow the shape of your feet so that you remain comfortable even have to do this exercise for several hours.

  • Ancillary

To subordinate, you can choose any subordinates are comfortable and courteous. Starting from leggings, long pants up short pants. For short pants and long pants, you should avoid wearing rubber at the waist and a short length of at least knee-length pants. Keep the “hot pants” because it feared would disrupt the concentration of the other golfers, especially the male golfers. We recommend that you select a subordinate with cotton material to make it more comfortable.

  • Hat

Do not forget attribute this one. Functions hats aplenty, the main thing is to protect the face of the adverse effects of sunlight during play golf. You could just wear sunscreen a lot, but it was not enough. Moreover, if the sun was scorching-hot.


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